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Oh shit. I started writing it.

My 3-year project of researching the crap out of American-Soviet Lend-Lease in order to write a fucking historical romance (don’t you judge me) is finally coming to fruition.

- - -

Of course I can’t just write the story and throw in historical details now and then. Oh, no, cause that would make sense and not take 5 reference books for the goddamn prologue, not to mention a bunch of sites in Russian and a stamp collector’s website because apparently the early Soviets didn’t believe in taking pictures of things or something unless it’s thereafter lithiographed and put on a STAMP.

- - -

Feels good to finally get words down. Obviously it will need some for-serious polishing before I do any kind of non-blog-y publishing. I’m a wordy bastard. I love clauses and I seem to have a dislike for the period. (As in the punctuation, not the time frame, as I am clearly obsessed.)

I plunked down a 900 page hardcover book that was number 2 of a 4-part series on Stalingrad during the research of this story and a colleague of mine finally questioned my sanity.

that didn’t that long D: D:

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[Part 6] Russia/America - It's why they're not wanted at parties. It never ends well.


Prompt: Request is out of season, unless someone fabulous like France or Poland is the one hosting the party.

A Nation’s holding a costume party. Any costume will do, but there’s a special prize for the nations who dressed the most scarily or shockingly. Also, guests must come in pairs (though they may not necessarily be together).

Russia, who was not invited and knows nothing of the party, comes home to find America not-to-sneakily going through his things. Later, after the fight, he discovers that America (figuring he’s going with England, who’s actually going with someone else) decided to go for the prize. He’s the hero, number one! America’s costume: he’s going as Russia.

After the initial refusal and England’s “betrayal”, a deal is formed. America would go to the party, dressed as Russia. But only if he brings along Russia,who is dressed as America.

In the process of “research” (they’ve got to get the character right!), sexytiems ensue.

Writer!anon can do whatever they like! Drunk sex as America learns to drink like Russia? America teaching Russia how to do the “HERO” pose? Geography lesson for America, complete with maps and pictures, since he has to know who’ll he insist will become one with him? America putting Russia in a pair of jeans? I don’t know, go for it, anons!

BONUS1: At the party, America pulls off a very convincing “KolKolKol” chant/face and Russia pulls off the hero pose complete with waving flag behind him and sparkling smile.

BONUS2: At least one person faints and England is yelled at for allowing this to happen.

BONUS3: Canada and Belarus are roped in. Though the problem there is that Belarus makes a bad Canada (threatening, who wants to become one with “America”) and Canada makes a very good Belarus, thoroughly scaring America.



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Totally God’s Will and Shit


read it on the AO3 at


America gives Russia a handjob under the table at a world meeting, thinking he’s absolutely clever and totally stealthy.

He is wrong.

(Originally written on the Kink Meme for 2011)

Words: 1294, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at


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I am in a cave. Anyone who has levelled with me in WoW knows how lost I get in caves. Someone tell me parents where I’ve died kthx.

I am in a cave. Anyone who has levelled with me in WoW knows how lost I get in caves. Someone tell me parents where I’ve died kthx.

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things are looking up…!

I have a real job in the nearest city and my own place and internet that is faster than 60kbps (hooray).

If only my bank account wasn’t so low, I’d be all set.

Oh, and also my fridge has a dead mouse somewhere stuck  in it and making smellz on the food — but INTERNET of REALNESS /dead

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